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Victim You released on Angel Air Records

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New Release - Angel Air Records SJPCD394Release date September 17th 2012
SON OF A BITCH Victim You (SJPCD394)

Originally formed in 1974 SON OF A BITCH were led by guitarist Graham Oliver and bassist Steve Dawson before they joined up with another band called COAST and together they changed their name to SAXON (the rest is NWOBHM history)

Fast forward to 1996 and Oliver and Dawson had left Saxon and teamed up with another ex Saxon member Pete Gill and Thunderhead singer Ted Bullet and reformed Son Of A Bitch and recorded in Manchester Victim You, the band's debut concert was headlining at The Isle Of Mann TT plus further festival appearances in Zurich, Holland, Brazil and Spain. The band though folded when Pete Gill had health issues and Ted Bullet had to quit to fulfil his contractual demands for Thunderhead.

The album has now includes a bonus studio track never before released from the original 1996 recording sessions.

Graham Oliver, Steve Dawson, PETE GILL, Haydn Conway, TED BULLET

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Released - 27TH FEBRUARY 2012

[Heavy Metal Music].
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South Yorkshire UK, Graham Oliver and Steve Dawson's band known as SonOfaBitch (SOB) during 1976 were tearing the pubs and clubs apart with their unique style of hard driven rock power sound.

In an odd meeting, after agreeing to accept Paul Quinn who played with Peter Byfords band Coast, they eventually joined forces and finalised a new line-up by recruiting Peter Gill on Drums.

In this embryonic state, and as 'Byford played bass the band rolled out to perform new shows with the rather unusual configuration as a 2 bass, 2 guitar Drum combo. Ever the innovators of unique style it wasn't long before they signed a record dealwith the rather odd Dancelabel "Carrere Records". Pretty soon after, with a tour of the USA pending, they changed their name and SAXON was born.

And now we see Graham Oliver, Steve (Dobby) Dawson, Nigel Durham (3 SAXON artists) with Haydn Conway and John Ward powered up to release their heaviest album to date, set to melt the mind with a metal force akin to nuclear fusion as they prepare for the release of their NEW album titled "MOTORBIKER".

"... this album delivers more power than a Vulcan Mind Meld" - Wurtigern (King of the Saxons)

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